22q11 FISH Probes

Find FISH probes that cover the 22q11 region on chromosome 22. If you can't find the FISH probe you need, request a custom FISH probe for delivery within 2-3 weeks.

Loci Region View Probes
ACF FISH Probes 22q11 View
DGCR6 FISH Probes CHR22: 18893735-18899601 View
DVL1P1 FISH Probes CHR22: 19253468-19253120 View
IGKV1OR22-5 FISH Probes 22q11 View
SMARCB1 FISH Probes CHR22: 24129149-24176705 View
TRU-TCA2-1 FISH Probes 22q11 View
VPREB3 FISH Probes CHR22: 24094929-24096630 View