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A major limitation of hybridization is speed. The SwiftFISH® Hybridization Buffer reduces hybridization time from 16 hours to as little as 1 hour. It matches signal intensity and is optimized to reduce background. SwiftFISH® follows a similar protocol as traditional hybridization buffers, with the exception of temperature and time of hybridization. This product is sold in 200µl vials. Fully compatible with all of our probes.

  • Equivalent quality and signal intensity
  • Hybridization time as little as 1 hour

Clinical Utility: SwiftFISH® is designed to decrease processing time in obtaining FISH results. For example, APL is a high-risk disease directly associated with the PML-RARA fusion gene. If not diagnosed and treated quickly it can lead to disseminated intravascular coagulation and death. With the SwiftFISH® Hybridization Buffer you can help diagnose APL in hours instead of days.

Specimen Type: Peripheral blood, Bone Marrow, FFPE tissue

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