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Empire Genomics (EG) is a molecular diagnostics and clinical services company that develops and offers a comprehensive menu of assay services for use in diagnosing and guiding precise therapeutic treatments for patients. The EG services are designed to specifically meet the needs of pathologists, oncologists and researchers. Our mission is to address the problem the medical community faces with the rapid pace of molecular technology innovations, and the need for the delivery of clinically relevant, cost effective patient decision support tools. Ultimately, through our continued growth customers will be able to realize: faster and more effective drug development, lower healthcare costs, and better clinical outcomes for patients. Empire is uniquely positioned to bring this innovative service to the medical community through its highly qualified team, state of the art facilities and key strategic partnerships with leaders in the global research community. We are a resource to make personalized medicine a reality for you.

FISH Probes

Custom FISH probes, solid tumor probes, loci specific probes, and control probes.

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BAC Clones

Empire Genomics offers its customers access to over one million BAC clones as either bacterial stabs or purified DNA.

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Custom Services

Empire Genomics offers an assortment of custom services to meet your research or clinical needs.

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SNP analysis services let you measure genetic variations.

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Array CGH Services

Receive high-resolution evaluations of DNA copy number alterations associated with chromosome aberrations.

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Circulating Tumor Cells

Easily count CTCs to determine the prognosis of patients with metastatic breast, colorectal or prostate cancer.

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FISH Probes Manufactured

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Empire Genomics hosted Steve Case and the Revolution Team for the Rise of the Rest Tour at its location in Buffalo, New York on September 30, 2015. Mr...

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Development, Characterization And Application Of A Novel Mouse Line Humanized For The Intestinal Peptide Transporter PepT1

The proton-coupled oligopeptide transporter PepT1 is abundantly expressed on the apical side of small intestinal enterocytes and has major responsibil...

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