Empire Genomics Testimonials


“Thank you so very much for getting our order in for tomorrow’s run. You have been so great to us over the past 6 years and I really appreciate it. I know you are supposed to be on vacation, so thank you for taking your private time to help me out. I am solicited pretty regularly to change the FISH probes that we use in conjunction with the arrays, but I always tell them no because Empire’s service and personal touch are exemplary. Thank you. I can always rely on you all.”
– Kathleen W.
  UT Southwestern Medical Center

“We purchased some labeled BAC clones for FISH late last year and are now wanting to order some more (they worked really well by the way!)”

– Peter S.
  The University of Queensland Australia
“We didn't have the probe in stock, so I told the physician that it wasn't likely that we would have an answer by Wed. The FISH group placed the order, Chuck worked his magic to get the probe here by Saturday, and those involved with the case got me the answer by Tues. I was told by the physician on Wed. that because of our work (Your work), the functioning of the baby’s arm would be saved.”
– Teresa S., PhD
   UC Department of Pediatrics

“Just letting you know we have recieved our order. Thank you very much for sending it so quickly. It is much appreciated.”

– Felicity L., PhD
  QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
“Thought you would like to know that we just started looking at a tissue array of RCC cases with the TFE3 probe. The slides were several years old, and the specimens that the array was made from were older still. That all not withstanding, the hyb was bright as a banshee all the way across the array. A holiday homerun!”
– Dana B., CG(ASCP)
  Supervisor, Cytogenetics, Stanford Healthcare

“I just wanted you to know that our order arrived safely last Friday afternoon. Thank you for your fast and efficient service!”

– Monica D.
   Flinders University
“I forwarded the quote to them, they should be able to use it. Thanks again for your help. It’s nice to get an answer the day you ask. With some companies, I wait for days to hear from them.”
– Sandra B.
   National Cancer Institute (NCI)

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