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Gene Specific FISH Probes

Gene Specific probes are designed to hybridize to a precise gene location. These probes are FISH confirmed on normal peripheral blood in both interphase nuclei and metaphase spreads. Gene specific probes are available in both single and dual colors. ASR and CE marked gene specific probes are available.

High Definition (HD) Probes have been optimized for superior detection of the mutations associated with the specific region or gene associated with the probe. Our list of HD probes is constantly growing, and if you do not see what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us for a custom design.

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11q23.3-11q24 FISH Probe
The 11q23.3/11q24 FISH Probe is designed to detect 11q23.3-24 region aneusomy.
19p19q FISH Probe
The 19p19q FISH Probe is used to detect 19p19q copy number variations. 
1p19q FISH Probe
The 1p19q FISH Probe is used to detect 1p19q region aneusomy.
1p1q FISH Probe
The 1p1q FISH Probe is designed to detect 1p1q copy number variations. 
5p21q FISH Probe
The 5p21q FISH Probe is used to detect 5p21q region aneusomy.
6q21 FISH Probe
The 6q21 FISH Probe is used to detect 6q21 region aneusomy.
6q21/MYB FISH Probe
The 6q21/MYB FISH probe is designed to detect deletions in 6q21 and 6q23.3 regions bearing SEC63 and MYB. 
7q31.2 FISH Probe
The 7q31.2 FISH probe is used to detect copy amplifications and deltions in the 7q31.2 region 
ABL1 Break Apart FISH Probe
The ABL1 break apart FISH probe is designed to detect ABL1 rearrangements. 
ABL2 Break Apart FISH Probe
The ABL2 Break Apart FISH probe is designed to detect ABL2 rearrangements. 

Single color probes are designed to cover a gene of interest. Search for almost any human gene and chances are we can make a probe that covers it in as little as 10 days.

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Break-apart probes are designed to detect translocations, the most common genetic abnormality exhibited in cancer cells. Certain gene translocations have been found to be specific to certain cancer types, a finding that’s made it easier to diagnose these malignancies. Many translocations are just as effective in prognosis, too, and can provide important clues about disease progression on a case by case basis (degree of invasiveness, likelihood of remission, time between relapse, etc.).

Empire Genomics’ dual-colored break-apart FISH probes have helped thousands of clinicians and researchers quickly and reliably track gene translocations. They’re designed to flank either side of a gene, so that in the event of a translocation, the two colors will split. Can’t find the break-apart probe you need? Contact us and have a custom design that meets your needs delivered within 1-3 weeks.

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Fusion probes will contain 2 colors that in a normal cell will be separate, but come together in abnormal cases. Dual color probes can also be designed to cover any 2 genes for the detection of any aberrations. Design a dual color fusion probe by completing the form below: