Custom Services

Custom Services

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Custom Services Overview

Empire Genomics offers a complete menu of both routine and custom genomic services to meet your research and development needs. Customers can leverage the collective experience and state of the art genomic equipment to design services which will answer the questions you have as well as focus on scale up requirements for future use. Our services start with designing the service required and helping to select the ideal technology. The approach is personal and led by experts in assay design who are trained on the latest technology innovations. After the service is designed we then create custom protocols to guide the staff in performing the service. This involves sample accessioning, quality control, analysis and data reporting as well as sample archiving. The services continually provide feedback to customers on the process as well as where samples are in the queue.

Helping you with identification of genomic mutations, chromosomal structural changes, genotyping, circulating tumor cells and gene expression profiling are just a few of the services offered. We have access to many different technologies and are platform agnostic, therefore offering you service on the best technology for your project. Empire is unique in our ability to help you take your research into the clinical setting. We offer validation services which leverage the standard operating procedures of our NYS clinical lab to translate your assays into this environment. We look forward to working with you to meet your molecular service needs.

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